Medicinal Cannabis in Utah

Posted by Lane Wood | May 14, 2020 | 0 Comments

By now, we have all heard that Utah legalized marijuana for medicinal purposes. Despite the law change, legally obtaining medical marijuana can still be difficult and expensive. With Mesquite, NV a short drive away, many find it more convenient to purchase a variety of cannabis products across the border and bring them back to Southern Utah. People often believe that they will be fine so long as they qualify under Utah's medicinal marijuana laws. Don't fall into this trap!

Medical marijuana in Utah is a legal minefield, full of potential traps. It is relatively easy to understand the qualifying medical conditions; however, the remainder of the medicinal cannabis act is confusing and often nonsensical. Until January 1, 2021, you can avoid criminal charges if you meet all of the little nuances. The marijuana has to be in a “medicinal dosage form” as defined by Utah law. This is where many people fall into the trap and end up facing criminal charges. The medicinal dosage form is extremely limited. If you are not purchasing your cannabis products in Utah, be very careful about what you are brining into the state to avoid any potential consequences.

If you are being charged with possession and/or paraphernalia charges, call Lane Wood today for a free phone consultation. There are still ways that you can minimize the adverse consequences from such charges.

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